Boom suburbs where property investors can cash in on Brisbane Olympics 2032

Jul 2021Karen Millers

Brisbane’s hosting of the 2032 Summer Olympics is expected to create a plethora of opportunities for property investors to make a motser from rapidly rising home prices – but only in key housing markets.

Experts revealed the games would spark a flood of investor activity and infrastructure projects across southeast Queensland but the biggest jumps in property prices would occur in suburbs near new sporting and accommodation facilities – and mostly in the years before the games.

Hotspotting director Terry Ryder said the experience of previous sporting events showed a clear pattern of growth.

Sydney had its most significant price rises in the lead up to the 2000 games but growth fizzled out pretty quickly after all the international athletes left, he said.

There was a similar trend in the lead up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, with most of the capitals gains occurring in 2016.

“All the infrastructure development needed to host the games, the hotel upgrades needed, that’s what will create jobs and boost real estate markets,” Mr Ryder said. “The boom never happens after the event.”

Property Investment Professionals of Australia chairman Peter Koulizos said it was “obvious” Brisbane and southeast Queensland would benefit from the games.

“However, the benefits will vary depending on the location of Olympic facilities and the new infrastructure,” he said.

Propertyology’s Simon Pressley said the main driver of any price increases would be local economic conditions and the Olympics itself would be a “sugar fix”.

“Confidence is what will matter most. No one will buy property unless they feel confident in their ability to pay off the debt,” he said, adding the Olympics may help to sure up the Brisbane economy and create jobs.

Hotspotting research showed southeast Queensland’s strongest markets for property investors, due to a variety of economic forces and infrastructure projects, included a mix of regions and suburbs:


The suburb 2km south of the Brisbane CBD, the location of cricket stadium “the Gabba”, will host the opening and closing ceremonies. This will give the local housing market a huge boost, Mr Ryder said.

“The entire area will get a considerable uplift,” he said. “It will attract a lot of investment because it will be at the centre of the games.”


Kangaroo Point and neighbouring suburb East Brisbane are popular suburbs across the river from the Brisbane CBD and will benefit from being close to the main sporting facilities in Wolloongabba.

Mr Ryder said there would be significant growth in these markets but there was a risk developers could “overbuild”.

“Developers can overreach when opportunity comes, these areas have just recovered from apartment oversupply,” he said.


The Redcliffe peninsula in Brisbane’s northeast is gentrifying rapidly and the more affordable prices have become a major draw for local families. It’s also one of the few prominent Brisbane areas where the homes have ocean views.

Development applications have ramped up since the opening of the $1.2 billion Redcliffe Peninsula Rail Link – providing a rail connection from Kippa-Ring to Petrie and onward to the Brisbane Airport and Brisbane CBD.


This heavily populated region south of Brisbane will be far from the sporting action but is already one of the most popular markets for property investors due to the lower prices.

It remains one of the Queensland’s fastest growing communities and is home to two of Queensland’s Priority Development Areas at Greater Flagstone and Yarrabilba.

Publicly-funded infrastructure projects underway in the area total $18 billion, including the $2 billion Coomera Connector.

The Olympics could encourage a lot of speculative buying from investors in Sydney and Melbourne and Logan remains one of the most popular markets for these buyers.


Most suburbs in the Moreton Bay region north of the Brisbane CBD have median house prices below $500,000. This has attracted interstate investors and first homebuyers. It is currently the Brisbane market with the highest number of suburbs with rising home sales activity, Hotspotting data showed.

There were also a range of infrastructure projects including a $2.7 billion plan to upgrade the local marina.


Roughly half an hour’s drive from central Brisbane, Redland City has easy access to the Port of Brisbane and Brisbane Airport. It’s also a leading lifestyle market because of its coastal setting.

A raft of improvements have been slated for the area, including plans for a new marina, revitalised retail, dining and entertainment areas and upgraded transport.


The Ipswich region, about 40km west of Brisbane, has become a rapidly growing employment hub due to a raft of new infrastructure projects.

A fast rail service between Ipswich and Brisbane is being considered, along with extended rail links connecting the region to prominent towns in the vicinity.

Hotspotting research showed Ipswich was one of the strongest markets for property investors and had multiple growth drivers outside of the Olympics.

Aidan Devine, Daily Telegraph, 27 July 2021

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