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By becoming a PIPA member, you will subscribe to our voluntary Code of Conduct, which ensures integrity, disclosure, and excellence in service provision. Our Code means PIPA members are viewed as the most ethical property investment professionals in the industry.

The Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) has been formed by industry practitioners with the objective of representing the industry and raising the professional standards of all operators servicing consumers in property investment.

By adhering to a Code of Conduct and obtaining professional standards of accreditation through education, PIPA members demonstrate to the investing public, government, regulators, media, and other stakeholders within the property investment industry of their commitment to excellence.

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  QPIA Accredited members

96% of investors in a recent property survey claimed that they would prefer to work with an accredited property professional. The PIPA Accreditation Program has been developed by PIPA as an industry benchmark of knowledge and skills for individual investors and professionals in industries involved with property investment.

The six modules can be completed individually or as a complete course and covers the following topics:

An Introduction to Property Investing
Legislation and Regulation of Property
Property and the Broader Economy
Property as an Investment
The Purchase Process and Financing
Property Advice and The Advice Model

Our values

Industry Codes

Develop industry codes to create high levels of business standards in the property investment industry

Adviser Accreditation

Develop specialist education and training to ensure that property investors have access to qualified property investment advisers (QPIAs®)


Work continuously to ensure excellence, disclosure and integrity within the property investment industry


Become a source of compliance and high standards for property investment professionals working in the industry

Code of Conduct

Every PIPA member is required to commit to our Code of Conduct to ensure high levels of consumer protection


Regularly communicate issues to practitioners and consumers and seek feedback and suggestions

We strive to bring accountability, ethics, and education to the property investment industry.

PIPA exists to improve the professional standards of anyone providing property investment advice to consumers. Our voluntary Code of Conduct means that members adhere to a high set of professional standards to help protect consumers. Qualified Property Investment Advisers (QPIAs®) have the highest form of industry-recognised, specialist training and can be trusted to provide tailored and unbiased advice to consumers.

PIPA also regularly produces research, analysis, and publications to help educate our members, media, and consumers about the property investment sector.

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2023 Investor Sentiment Survey

The Annual PIPA Investor Sentiment Survey is a rare snapshot of the buying intentions of property investors.

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The PIPA Adviser provides the latest research on market conditions, including forecasts for next year.