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Issue 28

October 2022

In this issue...

Our 2022 PIPA Annual Investor Sentiment Survey created a national media frenzy when it was released in late September.

It also produced the first dataset that shows what has happened to rental supply – investors have offloaded their properties in the hundreds and thousands.

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Issue 27

June 2022

In this issue...

Since the last issue, we have seen a new Federal Government installed, rising interest rates, and softening market conditions.

However, members are reporting solid client enquiry with plenty of savvy property buyers and investors perhaps waiting for market conditions to change before entering, or returning, to the market.

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Issue 26

March 2022

In this issue...

The first quarter of the year is nearly done already, and it’s been another challenging period for many of us.

While the start of the year began with such promise, with state and international borders reopening and high vaccination rates nationally, Mother Nature soon unleashed on New South Wales and Queensland.

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Issue 25

December 2021

In this issue...

We have finally reached the end of a property year that we will likely never experience again in our lifetimes.

Reflecting on this time last year, there were signs that markets were set to roar in 2021 – and they certainly did that!

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Issue 24

September 2021

In this issue...

This issue is our special annual investor sentiment survey edition, which outlines many of the results from this year’s survey.

As you know, last year’s survey foreshadowed the property price growth that lay ahead – and it seems even more investors believe prices will keep rising this time around too.

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Issue 23

June 2021

In this issue...

This year has so far been one for the history books when it comes to property price performance, hasn’t it?

Price growth has been significant in most parts of the nation, with few signs that will materially change anytime soon.

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Issue 22

March 2021

In this issue...

There is no question that the start of 2021 has created property market conditions most of us haven’t experienced in our lifetimes.

The ultra-low interest rate environment, coupled with the uncertainty of 2020 being behind us and our nation’s impressive handling of the pandemic thus far, has clearly supercharged markets across the nation.

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Issue 21

December 2020

In this issue...

I don’t think I’m the outlier when I say we will all be very glad to see the back of 2020 soon.

The start of this year brought so much promise to markets across the land, which were then dashed when the pandemic landed on our shores.

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Issue 20

September 2020

In this issue...

It seems with each chairman’s column this year I need to revisit what was happening a few short months ago given the stop-start nature of our economic recovery.

In June, it seemed that we had the pandemic under control with business and borders reopening. Alas, that thinking was somewhat optimistic with COVID-19 rearing its head again.

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