Buying and selling property is a complex process. It is a process which differs significantly from state to state.

It is likely that your clients will be buying or, at times, selling, property  in a state other than that in which they  reside.  It is likely also that they will be unfamiliar with the process of buying and selling in that state and this can be dangerous; make the process difficult and even result in the client:

  • not meeting certain conditions,
  • having unconditional contracts on property they do not really want,
  • missing deadlines and,
  • losing a property they

In this module we attempt to outline the general buying and selling process and highlight the differences which exist from state to state.

A key to successful property purchase is to obtain as much information as possible from reputable sources and experts at each stage of the process. This section outlines the main pieces of  information required and the sources.