Suggested Study Schedule

The following is a suggested timeframe only. As this is a self-paced learning program, you can take as much or as little time as you need. The time you are able to spend on the program will depend on your work and other commitments. The following schedule is suggested for a person who is fitting in study around full-time work. If you are not working full-time and can study additional time, you will probably find that you can progress more quickly.

We recommend that you do not attempt the assessment until you have completed studying all five topics in Module 6.


Week 1 Read through the Overview.  Read Topic 1 and do the activities.
Week 2 Read Topic 2 and do the activities.
Week 3 Read Topic 3 and do the activities.
Week 4 Read Topic 4 and do the activities.
Week 5 Read Topic 5 and do the activities. Commence assessment


Please refer to the participant handbook for information regarding assessment.