It is important to keep records of the data that support the recommendations you make.  Generally, these would include:

  • The final version of the Fact Finder, ideally the document will be signed by the client to certify that the information given is a true and correct representation of their situation; and
  • File notes, these are a record of your thoughts and concerns and may include issues such as:
    • Observations of behaviour and comments during interviews that indicate attitudes towards certain aspects of the process, and
    • Your thoughts in relation to how the client may react to certain recommendations.

These notes would normally be completed after a meeting or conversation, recording, for instance, a client’s reaction to a discussion about payment methods.

File notes also provide a record of the main points of conversations with clients, including any agreements that were made:

  • Strategy notes, these indicate the rationale by which you select the recommended property investments;
  • Financial projections for the recommended investment as well as those that were discarded, and which identify the options that were considered before deciding on the recommended course of action; and
  • The Property Investment Report provided to the clients with the signed Authority to Proceed.