Determining the client’s investment goals

Working with the Fact Finder

The Fact Finder is a form to help you gather information to determine the recommendations for your clients. Its main aim is to help you gather details about the financial circumstances of your clients and to record their goals. We suggest you look at it now as we discuss helping clients define their goals.

We will return to a more detailed discussion of the Fact Finder when we consider how to review the financial situation of the potential property investor.



Distinguishing between goals and strategy

Clients invest in property for many reasons. They may be looking for a way to create future wealth, a way of supplementing their superannuation that is tax effective, a way to create an asset base to provide income over time and then be willed as part of their estate, or they may want an asset base that will later be able to help pay for their children’s education.

You must understand the goals of the clients, even at times helping your clients identify their goals. You must also understand how likely it is that a specific strategy will achieve goals for their clients.