The following are important issues for those considering significant investment and they need to be discussed between you and your client.


It can be prudent for investors to consider the importance of securing insurance to underpin their investment. It could be devastating for a client to purchase a property for investment only to have to sell it due to the lack of income to meet loan repayments should they lose their income through sickness. This insurance should include building and contents and Landlord’s Insurance as a minimum.  Income Protection and Life Insurance are also a very important part of any person’s wealth creation strategy, as they are mechanisms for protecting wealth.

Estate planning

Clients may need to review their will to ensure the inclusion of a major asset. In addition, thought should be given to enduring powers of attorney.

You may decide to record details of your client’s superannuation assets in both the accumulation phase and the income stream phase. While superannuation cannot be held as an investment, if looking at property as a method of providing income in retirement, having these details gives the advisor a more complete picture.