4. Review the original strategy

Once any changes have been noted, it is time to assess what impact, if any, they will have on the original property investment strategy. An effective method of doing this is for you to work with the client as if for the first time. Just as the data from the Fact Finder determined the original recommendations, now the actual property investment needs to be assessed against any changes to that data. The fact finder will need to be updated accordingly as the documented record of the changes.

You need to ask:

  • ‘Given the current data, is the original strategy still appropriate?’
  • For example, are the terms of the loan used to secure the property still appropriate? Should the clients look to refinance or if possible alter their repayment terms?
  • Is the management of the property satisfactory or should the clients look to change the managing agents?
  • Is there a problem with maintaining a tenant? Perhaps the rent is too high: should it be reduced in the short term to secure occupancy? Etc.