Different time horizons require different strategies. Goals need to be defined over the short, medium and long term. These can be defined as:

Short term – to be achieved within 2 years. These goals demand security for the invested funds because the time frame is not adequate to recoup any costs and/or losses resulting from a market downturn.

Medium term – to be achieved within 3–5 years. This period is insufficient to fully recover and make gains on a market downturn. It might be sufficient time for inflation to have some effect on the value of the actual goal that is being funded.

Long term – to be achieved within 5–10 years. Property can work well over a 5-plus year horizon, but 10-plus years is more suitable for property investment.




  • List your own lifestyle goals and be as specific as possible
  • For each goal, determine a time frame and whether it is short, medium or long term
  • Estimate a cost for each goal