The Learning Approach and Assessments

The Learning approach

This program is delivered by online distance education.  The handbook and the assessment will be available online. You will be required to access the Internet from time to time as directed in the study guide. You may also be directed to do some research of properties in your local area. You will not be required to do library research.

When you study online, you will be able to work through it at your own pace. You are likely to move faster through areas with which you are already familiar, and slower through areas that are new to you. The recommended study schedule will give you an idea of how to pace your learning. Even where you think you know the subject, you are advised to skim through just to make sure that you know what is in this course. The treatment of subject content in this program will not necessarily be the same as in other courses designed for different purposes.

Throughout the study guide, you will find activities that are designed to assist your understanding. While your responses to these activities will not be assessed, you are encouraged to try them in order gain maximum benefit from undertaking the course.


Assessment for this module will consist of an online multiple-choice exam and an assignment.

The successful completion of this module is achieved by receiving a pass grade in both the online multiple-choice exam and assignment.