Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)

At its most basic, a self-managed superannuation fund is simply another type of trust, but it is restricted in what it may distribute. These restrictions are determined by superannuation legislation.

The taxation benefits offered by a superannuation fund are great and include:

  • Income from the fund is paid at 15 per cent and there is no Medicare levy;
  • Capital gains tax within the fund is 10 per cent;
  • No tax is paid on income drawn on retirement; and
  • The non-deductible portion of the super fund that is created either by fund earnings or deductible superannuation contributions such as those made by an employer,receive a 15 per cent tax offset to further reduce tax liability.


There are a number of restrictions to superannuation.

The ‘sole purpose’ test

Any asset purchased as part of a superannuation fund must be for the sole purpose of providing retirement income. This means that property cannot be purchased with the intention of providing a house for yourself or others in the family.