Principles of review

When reviewing a client’s property investment strategy, the following principles should be taken into account:

The review should begin by looking at the current situation in terms of the client’s progress.

  • What was the starting point and how has the client’s situation progressed to the present point?
  • Has there been an improvement and, if so, how much?
  • Are there any aspects that have remained the same or become worse?

The review should look at the current state of the client’s investments and ask:

  • Is the strategy being followed?
  • Are the returns as expected?
  • Are there any indications that the strategy might need to be changed?
  • Are the client’s circumstances still the same?

The review should also look to the future and ask:

  • What is the planned progress from here?
  • Is the client’s strategy going to achieve the desired results?
  • Are the investments on track to produce the desired returns?
  • What are the client’s expectations for the next year, five years, and beyond?

Property investment strategies are long term plans and may  mean that clients will want to purchase additional properties at intervals. This should be discussed during the review and can be investigated and added to the strategy if appropriate.

The review offers an opportunity to check whether the data originally gathered about the client remains unchanged. In particular, you need to check the situation of their client regarding the following:

If there have been changes, these may indicate that changes need to be made to the recommendations or the strategy.

If the client has any concerns, the review provides an excellent opportunity for you to address them and, if appropriate, the client can be referred to an accountant or solicitor.