Preparing and filing client documentation

A filing system

You collect a great deal of information from clients and other sources and this can be used for many purposes including:

A filing system implies a time-saving business practice. It is also a sound business practice that helps meet business obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) – in particular, the use and disclosure principle and the need for security in maintaining sensitive information.

A filing system should provide a clear trail of what has taken place in business dealings with each client and it should be easy enough to follow that a layperson could conduct an audit and see what has occurred between you and your client and the rationale for any recommendations made.

An archive is a separate filing system for documents that are in common use across the business. An archive might include standard documents such as terms and conditions for a body corporate. Where standard documents are referred to for individual clients, the files of these clients can be cross-referenced to the archive holding these standard documents.