Content outline

Topic 1 – Valuations
Topic 2 – Buying the Property
Topic 3 – The Roles of Associated Professionals
Topic 4 – Overview of the Settlement Process


Module objectives

By the end of this module you will be able to:

  • Explain the buying and selling process in depth state by state
  • List different valuation methodology used such as government, summation, bank valuations and appraisals and when they are used
  • Describe the process of making offers on property
  • Brainstorm appropriate negotiation tactics that you clients should use
  • List the steps necessary to ensure settlement of a property occurs
  • Describe the tasks required of the purchaser, the vendor and all associated professionals
  • Explain the different types of property title applicable in Australia
  • Describe the term due diligence and explain appropriate due diligence steps
  • Explain the meaning of the terms caveat, covenant and easement
  • List features of contracts state by state
  • List the necessary steps for settlement