Content outline

Topic 1 – Considerations for a Property Investment Strategy
Topic 2 – The Advising Process
Topic 3 – Concluding Consultations with the client
Topic 4 – Evaluating Performance
Topic 5 – Preparing and Filing Client Documentation


Module objectives

By the end of this module you will be able to:

  • Describe the concepts of rental growth and return, capital growth and reducing tax
  • Describe risks associated with different property types such as residential, commercial, rural and specialist use
  • Describe the importance of determining the clients true investment goals and financial objectives
  • List potential risks in the investment property process such as gearing, illiquidity and market volatility
  • List the six steps in the property investment advice model
  • Explain the concept of rapport and why it is imperative in the Property Investment Advisor-Client Relationship
  • Brainstorm the essential elements of effective communication
  • Describe the importance and relevance of an investing timeline
  • Set SMART goals and help clients set SMART goals
  • Describe other complimentary services that you as a property investment advisor may offer and their applicability
  • List the steps to evaluate an investment’s performance including growth, rental yield and loan product structures
  • Explain other factors such as market fluctuations, interest rate cycles and tenant issues
  • Describe and list the principles for on-going portfolio reviews with clients
  • List the necessary steps to effectively file documents and keep appropriate records
  • Practice using the property investment fact finder to maximum effect