Content Outline

Topic 1 – Financial Capacity
Topic 2 – Loans
Topic 3 – Types of Loan Products
Topic 4 – Types of Borrowers
Topic 5 – Sources of Finance
Topic 6 – Borrowing Capacity
Topic 7 – Applying for the Loan
Topic 8 – Determining Client Ownership Structures


Learning Objectives

By the end of this module you will be able to:

  • List and explain the importance of the four factors that affect a client’s borrowing capacity
  • List the different loan types typically offered by lenders and their suitability to different investor needs such as Principal and Interest, Line of Credit and Interest only
  • List different types of lending institutions that lenders may access to purchase investment properties
  • Describe the process for applying for loans from start to finish
  • Explain the four different methods that borrowers may use to raise a deposit
  • Compare seven different types of client ownership structures and their relative merits
  • Explain the rules associated with a client investing within a self managed super fund
  • Describe the process for valuing property using both the net present value and discounted cash flow techniques as well as other valuation methodology