Welcome to Module 6: The Advice Model. In this module we discuss the importance of working with clients in a way that builds their confidence and trust in the professionalism of the property investment advisor. In this module we take you through to completion of their service, including all six steps of the property investment advice model,.

Your communication skills as a qualified property investment advisor are paramount to the successful relationship between advisor and client.  These skills are explored in this module.  We also cover the after purchase considerations and how to maintain a long term relationship with your client, as well as things you’ll need to consider such as recording and filing documentation and evaluating the success of the strategy on a longer term basis.

All you need to do is to ensure you can help your clients select, buy, manage and realise the benefit of their investment, comes together here. Module 6 takes you from selecting properties to meet your their client’s needs right through to helping clients review their investment strategies to make sure their investment aims and goals are being realised.


Program aim

The Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) has developed the PIPA Accreditation Program, a professional industry award, to address the need for professionals in the property investment industry and related industries to be appropriately qualified to give advice in property investment.

PIPA is committed to the development of industry standards in property investment advice. It has developed the Accreditation Program as the first step in quality education for all those involved in giving property investment advice to retail property investors.

The Accreditation Program has been aligned with the Financial Services Reform (FSR) provisions of the Corporations Act and with ASIC Regulatory Guide 146 training requirements for regulated financial services.

Module aim

The aim of Module 6: The Advice Model is to cover the face-to-face elements of property investment advice.  Previous modules have covered the technical knowledge necessary to complete this role, whilst this module focuses on the soft skills necessary to build a relationship and trust with potential clients so that you can advise them in the most effective way possible.  It also covers the documentation and filing process necessary to keep records efficiently as a Qualified Property Investment Advisor.