Database management

Modern database management systems have fast become a proven tool for storing relevant client information and enabling easy access. These management systems can provide an easy way to record:

  • Clients contact details;
  • Contact dates for marketing and service purposes such as birthdays, reviews and other key dates identified in the planning process;
  • Details of the investment properties such as address, purchase price and number of rooms;
  • Other interests, both personal as well as property investment preferences.

Furthermore, email software can also provide a simple method for you to record tasks, their due dates, appointment times and file notes. Electronic storage can help timestamp records, provide direct dialling of stored phone numbers, and record the time and date of the call and whether or not it was connected.

Planned and appropriate use of information technology can help streamline and simplify your business as well as provide an audit trail that demonstrates compliance and adherence to due diligence on your part.