The buying and selling process was explained in full in Module 5.  You should ensure that you have fully read this section and are familiar with the process.

Consultation Six occurs after the client has signed the ‘Authority to Proceed’.  You should now, if appropriate, seek to negotiate the purchase of a property recommended.  You may assist with the execution of the contracts only if you are suitably qualified to do so.

If you are not qualified or licenced then you should refer the client to a qualified person to undertake this step to secure the property. Alternatively, the client may wish to handle this process themselves.

You should always recommend the client takes any purchase contracts to their solicitor to ensure they remain comfortable with the decision to proceed and understand all the financial and legal obligations they are undertaking

In the event that you are qualified to handle the execution of the sale, the following steps should take place:

  • A pre-purchase agreement is signed (which takes the property off the market for a period of seven days), or the necessary service documents are completed.
  • Steps are taken to ensure finance is in order.
  • An appointment is made to finalise the contract, or deliver the service and the method of payment of the deposit or service fee is discussed (whether it will be by bank guarantee, deposit bond, etc.).


After Consultation Six, and after the contract is finalised and the deposit or fee paid, the process should not cease. Procedures should now be put into place to ensure ongoing support for the successful management of the client’s investment portfolio, including property management services and bi-annual reviews of the client’s property investment strategy. (Management of property investments is discussed in detail in Module 2, Topic Nine).