Concluding consultations with clients

During the early meetings, clients are being asked to reveal personal information to you. They may be wondering why so much information is needed and what you will be doing with it. We have referred to the property investment process above and you should remind your client of where they are up to in the process and what is involved in getting to the next stage.

Some clients may not have an appreciation of the work involved in making an appropriate property investment recommendation. You should explain the work they will be doing to produce the written plan you will be presenting in their next consultation. In particular, clients should be made aware that the you will be analysing the information your client have disclosed. This information will form the starting point to establish whether investment in property is appropriate in the first place and, if so, what type of property investment would be most appropriate. You will then formulate strategies tailored to your client’s needs in particular creating scenarios that will facilitate the achievement of their goals.