Each jurisdiction in Australia has slightly different rules and regulations governing building works and addressing major construction, maintenance, demolition and renovation works, by:

  • Imposing minimum standards of work and safety
  • Imposing regulations on the way in which building work is performed
  • Requiring building contractors to be licensed
  • Requiring builders performing domestic building work to have building insurance through a statutory insurance scheme
  • Outlining dispute resolution processes to facilitate the speedy resolution of building disputes.

In summary, the legislation seeks to ensure minimum standards of work are carried out in a safe manner and free of defects. Buildings must be safe from fire and present no hazard to their occupants or adjoining properties. Buildings must be designed and constructed in a way that protects the health, comfort and general welfare of those using them and the community in general.

These controls are generally administered by the building surveyor or inspector of the local municipality or shire. It is their role to ensure that all buildings comply with the relevant rules and regulations of the municipality or shire and that they meet the requirements, implied or expressed, of the plans originally submitted and approved.