Additional report sections

There are additional sections that may aid the client’s understanding of the Property Investment Report and provide you the space to offer further information. In particular, you might want to consider providing the following:

Executive summary

If the Property Investment Report is longer than 15 pages it will be helpful to the reader to have a summary in the first section of the document to provide an overall view. This Executive Summary should be one or two pages maximum and contain the following sections:

  • Statement of present position:
    • An overview of the client’s names, occupations, their net worth and surplus income figures.
  • Investment goals:
    • A brief statement of the major goals against which the investment recommendation is being made.
  • Recommended strategy:
    • A brief statement of the recommendations.
  • Projections:
    • A statement to note the income and growth figures you would expect over the term of the investment.

The Executive Summary should be able to stand independently of the full report. As it is a summary of the report, it should be written after the report has been completed.

Table of contents

A table of contents will help the client reference various aspects of the report by making the section headings and page numbers clear.

Other issues for consideration

There may be additional issues that you wish to draw to the attention of your clients such as:

Alternative strategies considered

You may wish to demonstrate to the client that you have considered more than one property investment strategy and your reasons for discarding the other options.

Ongoing service

You may offer ongoing services to clients to review their property investment portfolio on a regular basis and this can be included in the report.


If you wish to support the report with pertinent information, you should create appendices to include documents such as: