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At Project BT Property, BT stands for Better Tomorrow. We are dedicated to using property investment to secure financial freedom for you, delivering a “Better Tomorrow”.

Our unique “EstateElite-68” property acquisition system sets a new standard in real estate investment by pinpointing high-growth and high-cashflow areas and opportunities, leveraging 68 unique market factors.

Capital Growth: EstateElite-68 targets the top 3% of properties, focusing on those with growth rates that outperform average investment properties. Investors utilising our system could reap up to a 2% higher growth rate compared to properties acquired through self-sourcing or competing services.

Though 2% may seem modest, its impact is profound. Over a 10-year period, for a $1 million property, this difference translates to $400,000 in additional growth. Without our service, this substantial gain would be potentially missed, underscoring the unique value that EstateElite-68 offers.

Rental Yield: Beyond capital growth, the EstateElite-68 system excels in identifying properties with a rental yield of 5-7%, far exceeding the average 2.5-3.5% yield. On a $1 million property, this advantage means an additional $25,000 to $35,000 in annual income compared to typical investments.

By focusing on both capital growth and rental yield, EstateElite-68 ensures a holistic and lucrative investment strategy. We serve not only as your property buying consultants but also as your trusted allies.

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It gives clients (and myself) confidence in my professionalism and experience.  In an industry full of sharks, it is great to ease a client’s mind that a QPIA® will always work with the client’s best interests at heart.

Rachel Cole of Empower Wealth
QPIA® Accredited Member

To set outselves apart, I chose to undertake and be a Qualified Property Investment Adviser and to ultimately help our clients make better property investment decisions.

Colin Lee of Inspire Realty

Individual and QPIA® Accredited Member

I decided to join PIPA because I was delighted to see that finally there was an organisation that was formalising property advice and those in the property industry.

Marisa Gonzalez of Marisa Gonzalez & Co
PIPA member since 2009

We strive to bring accountability, ethics, and education to the property investment industry.

PIPA exists to improve the professional standards of anyone providing property investment advice to consumers. Our voluntary Code of Conduct means that members adhere to a high set of professional standards to help protect consumers. Qualified Property Investment Advisers (QPIAs®) have the highest form of industry-recognised, specialist training and can be trusted to provide tailored and unbiased advice to consumers.

PIPA also regularly produces research, analysis, and publications to help educate our members, media, and consumers about the property investment sector.

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2023 Investor Sentiment Survey

The Annual PIPA Investor Sentiment Survey is a rare snapshot of the buying intentions of property investors.

PIPA Adviser Magazine

The PIPA Adviser provides the latest research on market conditions, including forecasts for next year.