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PIPA Accreditation Program

QPIA® Training


This program has been developed by PIPA (Property Investment Professionals of Australia) as an industry benchmark of knowledge and skills for individual investors and professionals in industries involved with property investment.  The six modules can be done individually or as a complete course to deliver education for anyone wishing to develop and expand their personal knowledge on property investment, or look for a career in property investment advising as a Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA®).

Welcome to Module 5: The Buying and Selling Process. This is the fifth module in the QPIA Course. Buying property requires a series of steps to be completed in a specific order (which also is explained state by state).  It is imperative as a property investment advisor, you have a sound knowledge of all aspects of this process to advise and assist your clients.

We also explain due diligence, settlement, caveats, deposits, deposit bonds, and cooling off periods. Negotiation skills are also covered in this module.