Pest / Building Inspectors

A qualified building and/or pest inspector (often many providers will do both) plays an essential role in the property investment process.

A building inspector will assess both the interior and exterior condition of a property and look for problems such as rising damp, sinking foundations, cracks, leaks and structural defects.


Property Managers

A property manager’s role is to look after the management of your rental property/ies.

Their services can usually be as minimal or as comprehensive as you like, depending on your preferences.


Licensed Builders / Developers

Licensed builder

From full-scale building jobs to renovations, maintenance and repairs, as a property investor it’s highly likely you’re going to need to engage a good builder at some point.

Valid and current licensing is critical so be sure to check out any builder’s credentials before committing to employ their services.  Each state and Territory has different licensing and registration requirements so it’s important to do your homework. (more…)


A lender is an umbrella term for any financial institution offering finance for property investment.

Lenders include banks, building societies and credit unions and non-bank lenders such as mortgage managers and originators.


Project Marketer/Property Marketer

A project marketer/property marketer is any person looking after the marketing of a new property development.

Often a project marketer/property marketer will also be a sales agent and their responsibility is to market a property to prospective buyers.


Buyer’s Agents

A buyer’s agent can assist property buyers and investors throughout the property selection and purchasing processes, including negotiating the best price.

Sometimes, a buyer’s agent may also be a Qualified Property Investment Adviser (QPIA).

A buyer’s agent carries the required real estate agent’s licence for the state(s) in which they operate.