New sales product hits the market

New sales product hits the market

Hundreds of residential agents, financial planners, mortgage brokers and accountants are discovering a new avenue for sales through’s new digital tool, Marketplace.

The digital tool, powered by’s Property Platform, gives licensed selling agents access to a previously untapped network of developers, builders and project marketers who have off-the-plan projects ready to sell.

With close to 200 projects available from multiple Australian states, Marketplace has been quickly adopted by the property industry with hundreds of users joining within the first month.


6 reasons why negative gearing is no bad thing

Negative gearing has been receiving a lot of bad press of late. Many commentators see it as a tax advantage that is enjoyed by the rich. Worse, they also believe that negative gearing is a major reason why residential real estate prices in Sydney and Melbourne, especially, have soared in recent years. These views ignore a number of hard facts.

As the peak body for the property investment association, the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) has identified 6 key reasons negative gearing has helped ordinary Australians, the housing market and the broader economy – and why it should continue to do so. (more…)